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New Policies Could Prevent Law Enforcement From Accessing Mobile Device Data
Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey’s recent appearance on CBS News’ 60 Minutes provided a look at the conflict brewing between the FBI and mobile device manufacturers. Comey explains that data on Apple’s iPhone and, in the future, devices running Android can contain data that is inaccessible by law enforcement.

'Run for Unity' in Mumbai; Devendra Fadnavis joins in
'Run for Unity' in Mumbai; Devendra Fadnavis joins in

Apple in early talks to bring iPhone to Iran: report
In its most recent earnings report, Apple shared that 60 percent of its revenue for the quarter came from international sales.

Spend money to make money: Mint's $4m loss
THE Royal Australian Mint is reporting a $4 million annual loss after tax due to a lack of "anniversaries and highly engaging themes".

$200 to move a PC screen
It may take an unqualified person minutes, but the tax office has a 'value-for-money approach'.

Firefighters gain control of bushfire
FIREFIGHTERS have halted the spread of a grass fire that quickly took hold near Port Wakefield this afternoon, injuring three men.

Gillard 'committed no crime': commission
LAWYERS for the unions royal commission have reported former PM Julia Gillard did not know about an alleged corrupt slush fund run by her boyfriend.

Hollyoaks: The Album to be released this month
The 2CD set will feature songs that have been used within the show.

POTD: Coronation Street's Kylie Platt tempted by newcomer Callum
Kylie comes face-to-face with her old flame Callum in tonight's episodes.

Struggles at forefront of Tas speech
BATTLING a stinging public sector wage bill and lagging productivity, Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman has told business leaders there is light ahead.